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Car Stereo Systems​​

Whether it's your car, motorcycle, side-by-side, or lawn tractor...if it's got a 12V battery we can put a stereo in it! 
We offer many services related to car audio, including but not limited to:

Car Stereo Services
Factory Stereo Upgrades
Headunit Installation
MP3 and Smart Phone Integration
Speaker Installation 
Subwoofer Installation
Amplifier Installation
Car Video and Entertainment Systems
Car Navigation Systems
Custom Car Audio Fabrication
Modern Car Audio & Video Solutions

​Is it time to upgrade beyond the limitations of you car's factory stereo?  Do you need better sound or more bass out of your system?  Wheels to Waves has you covered.  Whether it's a simple speaker swap or a complete audio system upgrade, our MECP-certified techs are here to design and install any project you can imagine.

Radar Detectors
Nowadays, radar detectors are more precise, have extreme range, and will even integrate with your vehicle's electronics to give you warnings without having any hardware on your windshield.

Laser detection is a bigger thing in recent years as well and yes, it is different than radar.  If you get caught by laser, the officer will have your speed locked in before you ever get an alert on your detector.  Unless.....you have a Laser Diffuser AND it's installed correctly. 

Radar detectors also sense road construction zones and will often alert you to inspire further safety.

Backup Cameras & Safety Sensors
Let's face it...if you don't have a backup camera these days, you kinda want one.  Not only do they add a safety factor to you, your vehicle, and everyone around you, they make accomplishing that perfect parking job just that much easier.

We have extensive expertise on backup cameras and what application will best fit your vehicle.  In most cases, they can be interfaced with your OEM in-dash monitor (if vehicle is equipped) and if not, we have several options for an add-on monitor.
Another common safety feature we can easily add-on are parking sensors with audible and visual alerts.

Motorcycle Audio & Lighting
Do we really need to explain this category??

~ In-fairing and Hide-away Stereo Systems ~
~ Speaker, Subwoofer, and Amplifier upgrades ~
~ Saddle bag and handlebar mount speakers ~
~ Bluetooth audio, Navigation, and Radar Detection ~
~ LED and HID headlights, Accent Lighting, and More! ~

Side-by-Side Audio & Lighting
One of today's fastest growing powersport's markets  are side-by-sides...and the stereo systems are becoming a big part of that culture too!

~ Stereo System add-on and expansions ~
~ Speaker, Subwoofer, and Amplifier upgrades ~
~Many options available depending on year and model of machine ~
~ Bluetooth audio, Navigation, and Radar Detection ~
~ LED headlights,  Light bars, Accent Lighting, and More! ~

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